Markus Grimsøen

Design and use of health apps

My name is Markus Grimsøen, I am 24 years old and I am currently writing my master thesis in Design, use and interaction at the University of Oslo. I have a bachelor degree from the same department and university.

My master’s project is concerning the design and use of health apps among youth. I wish to find whether the youth use health apps, how they use them and why. Both the public and the private sector spend large amounts of money to expand their health applications to all age groups, and I wish to see how this affects youth. By researching what youth like and don't like, with both the design and the use of health apps, I wish to get a greater understanding of how the technology can and should be made, and thereafter hopefully create a prototype of some sort. I am very interested in hearing what youth have to say about this technology because they have a unique perspective, which ranges from being a teenager with all its problems and freedoms, into becoming an adult.

I have a great interest in technology and cooperating/participating design with other people, especially youth. Outside of the Univeristy, I am very fond of sports, especially football, and also music, church and video games. Some of my time also goes into planning my wedding.

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