Margaret Machniak

Applicability of ICT in transition

My name is Margaret and I work as a PhD candidate at the Department of Informaticsat the University of Oslo. I have a Master's degree in Informatics: Design, use and interaction, and a Bachelor's degree in Technology, organization and learning.

In my PhD project, I'm trying to find out what role ICT can play in the transition of young patients from pediatrics to adult medicine. I want to contribute to the understanding of young patient's experiences during transition and to design new technologies that can support the patients during this process. I use a Participatory Design approach which requires me to design together with young patients. Through this approach, I hope that I can understand how to design with youth and young patients.

I am very interested in and love working with teenagers and young people. They are extremely creative and fun to work with, and I think that it is important that they have a voice and a legitimate decision-making power in design of technologies that they might use. Research outcomes have an inpact on children and youth's everyday life, and it is therefore even more important that their opinions and perceptions are included in all research and design activities

Want to participate? Click on the link to the project site (only in Norwegian).

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