Eirik Lillejordet

Health applications for young athletes

My name is Eirik and I am 25 years old. I am a master student at Design, use and interaction programme at the University of Oslo, which was where I took my Bachelor´s degree.

My master project will explore the use of health and fitness applications among young athletes. I will try to see the usefulness, need and challenges when designing this type of application for the target group. The project will be empirical and I will try to use participatory design, which will give me a broader understanding of what it means to design for youth.

I have worked with youth for some time, both in and outside sport, and I find this very rewarding. It is interesting to observe a generation that grows up with all the technological possibilities we have today, and how it has become a part of daily life. I am also a user of the types of applications I am going to research, and I want to obtain youth´s perspective in the use of health and fitness oriented IT.

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