Aleksandra Hrpka

Transition game

My name is Aleksandra and I am 24 years old. Ever since I got my first PC, I have been interested in finding all different way in which I could use it, and have been addicted since. This interest was the reson why I chose to study computer science. The fact that I am interessted in how technology can be used to make people's lives better, and therefore I am taking the Informatics: Design, use and interaction at the University of Oslo.

I have allways been interested in improving ISs and creating more user friendly solutions to make life better. Through interaction design I am able to express my creativity and contribute to better user experiences through user involvement in the design process.

My project is about investigating whether a game can support young patients in transition. It is important to do research on transition and how new technology can be used to help young patients and keep their medical condition under control. By visiting the Youth Council at Ahus, I aim - together with the young patients, to see if a game is something they would like to have and if so, what functionalities they would like it to have.

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