The KOOLO app

KOOLO is an app designed to support young people in transition from pediatrics to adult medicine. The app is a result of design collaboration between KULU and the Youth Council at Akershus University Hospital. Master student Nora Aasen led the first design workshop in 2013 and together with the Youth Council decided on and designed the first prototype with three main functions: a calendar for keeping track of appointments and events connected to young people’s life as a patient, mood tracking, and an electronic version of the transition checklists implemented at Akershus University Hospital. Nora delivered her thesis in May 2014, and the KULU team continued the work with the app together with the Youth Council. We started the development of the KOOLO app during Autumn 2015, and it is now available for download for both iOS and Android and offers three main functions:

  • MoodLine and MoodMap to record, with photos and color-tagging, how you feel.
  • Calendar to note and remember appointments and events that you want to keep separate from the general calendar app on your phone.
  • Transition checklists to help you prepare for transition.

KOOLO is developed mainly for research purposes, but anyone can use it. Because the design and development of the app would not be possible without the competence, knowledge, and resources of all the participants, we do not consider it our own. We share the KOOLO app design and source code under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License and invite you to build forth on the work we have started.

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