Workshop 2 with Ungdomsrådet

Second workshop with the Youth Council

February 2014, we had our second workshop with the wonderful members of the Youth Council at Ahus. The Youth Council gave us feedback on our designs and new methods. Staying true to tradition, we ate pizza and Maggie's delicious cakes for dessert.

Want to know more about what happened at the workshops? We have made a nice booklet summarizing the two first workshop with the Youth Council. Click here to read our report (in Norwegian)..

If you want to read more about the workshops and what the master studens achieved, click on the links below to read their thesises!

Bachelor studenter prosjekt på Ahus sykehus

Student project

In October, a group of bachelor students visited Ahus to test an app fro young patients who want to learn more about the pediatric clinic.

Want to read more about their work? Go to:

Workshop with Ungdomsrådet

Design workshop with the Youth Council

On December 10th, we met a fantastic gang at Ahus. The Youth Council participated in our workshop concerning privacy settings, consent forms, sharing information online, and cool social media. We are pizza and Maggie's fantastic muffins for dessert.

Want to know more about the different projects? Go to:

Teenage patient at CHEO

Designing a closed social network with teenage patients at CHEO

During the summer of 2013, Maja, one of the KULU researchers, implemented a study at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). She met 20 teenagers between 13 and 18 years old, who participated in two activities: How do you meet the most important people in your life and What are cool functions for a closed social network for young patients

Do you want to read more or did you participate in this study and you want to see what happened with your contributions? Go to: