What is KULU?

KULU is about cool technology for young people with longterm or chronic health challenges. KULU is based at the Design Group of the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo.

We are a group of researchers and bachelor and master students who implement research and design with young people between 12 - 25 years old. We want to understand how young patients use online resources and we design interactive technologies that support them in their autonomy, both as young people and as patients.

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We use Participatory Design in our research and design methods. Young people have a lot of practical skills and knowledge of interactive technologies such as social media, apps, and games. They often know best how they are doing and what they need. By giving young patients a voice in the design process and facilitating mutual learning, can we design cool technology on young people's terms.

KULU is possible because many young people participate in our projects. They share with us their time and energy, often when they are very sick. We thank you for that and we hope that you will find here your contribution to the different design projects we are working on. We are also grateful for the partnership and support of the following organisations:



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The KOOLO app

Have a look at our transition app and find out where to get it.

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Here you will find the results of the project in the form of articles, conference papers, and theses.

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Collage av bilder fra workshopene til KULU

Who are we and where do we work?

KULU activities are implemented by a growing group of researchers and students based at the Department of Informatics of the University of Oslo.

PhD candidate:
Master students:
Bachelor students:
  • Espen Thorsen
  • Magnus Lien
brAhus group:
  • Kristin Brænden
  • Kirsten Fougner Dahl
  • Roar Hoksnes Eriksen
  • Nicolai Hagen
LEAPuro group:
  • Sarah Hilt
  • Helene Isaksen
  • Mari Iversen
  • Marit Kilde Mjelva

KULU goals

  • Participatory Design and user-centred design with young patients
  • Privacy-aware design
  • Cool design
  • Appropriate research and design methods
  • Gender and culture-sensitive design

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Contact us

You can find us at the 7th floor of the Ole-Johan Dahls Hus:

Ole-Johan Dahls hus
Gaustadalléen 23 B
0373 Oslo

You can also write us:

Maja van der Velden
Institutt for informatikk (IFI)
Postboks 1080 Blindern
0316 Oslo
E-post: team@kulu.no